Municipal Tax for Civil Protection (TMPC)

After some delay in the approval of the Golden Visas, resulting from tardiness in legislative changes and the scarcity of human resources to absorb the huge inflow to the Portuguese immigration program, the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) began issuing Golden Visas in the same pace of 2014.

According to the official data, in the last quarter of 2015, 286 residence permits for investment were granted to investors and 465 to the members of their families, amounting up to 751 approved processes in only 3 months.

The taking up of this excellent pace occurs after modifications to the law were made, presenting more investment options, more certainty on the program’s stability and clarity in the preconditions, being maintaining its stability and increasing its effectiveness an open priority of the current Government.

Additionally, there was a reinforcement of SEF’s human resources assigned to Golden Visas, as well as the appointment of a new National Director, with years of professional experience in this area, which will certainly bring confidence and additional stability to the teams responsible for the applications to Golden Visas.

The investors can thus trust the success of this program, which has been sought by citizens of all nationalities for being one of the most advantageous investment and immigration programs and where investors can now find more investment options, increased security, more features and more approvals.

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