Update of the prices of continued care units in Portugal

Order no. 272/2022 of 10 November sets out the prices of health care and social care services for those receiving treatment under the National Network of Integrated and Continued Care (RNCCI).

To guarantee the sustainability and the quality of services, the Order updates the price list applicable to inpatient units included in the RNCCI and the price list applicable to units and teams of continuous and integrated mental health care.

This update follows the provisions of Decree-Law No. 101/2006, which created the RNCCI and established a specific funding model for the services provided by its units. This Decree-Law also stipulates that the prices charged must be reviewed periodically through an Order from the Ministers of Finance, Labour, Solidarity and Social Security and Health.

That being said, Order No. 272/2022 turns out to be more than a simple price updating, establishing, additionally:

  • An extraordinary increase of 5.5% to the prices applicable to medium-term care and rehabilitation units;
  • An extraordinary increase of 15.3% to the prices applicable to long-term care and maintenance units;
  • An extraordinary increase of €25 per day of hospitalisation and per patient for treating pressure ulcers to patients referred by primary health care.
posted in 11月 18, 2022