Rapid antigen tests available in the Portuguese market

Order No. 254/2022, of 24th October, has introduced a special regime regarding rapid antigen tests (TRAg) and their availability in the Portuguese market. Such tests, used to detect Covid-19, will now be sold in supermarkets, hypermarkets and other wholesale suppliers across Portugal.

Over the last year, the pandemic has been evolving positively, with the daily number of people infected with Covid-19 decreasing as 2023 approaches.

Previously, rapid antigen tests were commercially available in pharmacies or in places selling over-the-counter medicines. Only in “exceptional and duly justified situations” could the sale of such tests in other locations.

Henceforth, tests to detect Covid-19 can be sold in supermarkets, hypermarkets and other wholesale suppliers. The sale in these locations is only conditional upon the requirements imposed by the manufacturers in the respective information leaflet and/or packaging.

posted in 11月 18, 2022