Caiado Guerreiro talks about investment opportunities at a conference in Turkey

Caiado Guerreiro participated, in the past week, in the “Invest in Lisbon – Portugal Seminar” Conference, held in the River Plaza Istabul hotel, Turkey.

Represented by Fábio Seguro Joaquim and Fábio Figueiras, our law firm had the opportunity to talk about Portugal and present business options and investment in the Iberian country, with the object of establish better relations between the two countries.

The event, organized by the “Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey” (DEIK Türkiye – Kamerun İş Konseyi), the Turkish official body in charge of the external economic relations, and by the “Aicep Portugal Global”, was attended by the Ambassador of Portugal in Turkey, Dr. Paula Leal da Silva and the Comercial Counsellor, Dr. Celeste Mota, among others important participants.

Athe Conference, the several speakers, amongst which Caiado Guerreiro, approached themes related to the business options, legal framework and business co-operation with Portugal, taking advantage othe opportunity to clarify and advise on the potentiation of the investment in Portugal.

posted in 3月 27, 2017