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Caiado Guerreiro was highlighted as the Portuguese law firm with the highest percentage of female partners in the article “Gender Gap Ranking Portugal: Breaking The Glass Ceiling” published in the Iberian Lawyer magazine where the topic addressed focused on inequalities between men and women in the legal sector.

With this study by Iberian Lawyer magazine, Caiado Guerreiro shows once again its vanguard position in promoting women’s rights in advocacy, creating conditions for them to grow professionally and supporting their development in the sector.

Female Partners in Portuguese Law Firms

in Iberian Lawyer Magazine, September 2020

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"There is no room for salary or career progression discrimination based on gender"

Sandra Ferreira Dias

Gender Policy at the office

Merit is the key word of the abilities that are valued in each of Caiado Guerreiro’s lawyers. In our office, there are equal opportunities of career progression, regardless of the gender and taking into consideration the capacity and potential of each Lawyer. There is no room for salary or career progression discrimination based on gender. In fact, the majority of our Lawyers are women and they take on a leadership position – of a total of 13 partners in Caiado Guerreiro, 8 are women. I believe that in this domain Caiado Guerreiro is a reference and an example.

Family Reconciliation and Family Plan

Since Caiado Guerreiro has a majority of female lawyers, it recognises and values the importance of maternity and the need for the reconciliation between work and family. This is not only the case of mothers but also of fathers. This recognition was further enhanced by the increasing use of new technologies that enabled the adoption of more flexible and efficient practices in the exercise of our profession. Caiado Guerreiro considers family a fundamental element in the balance and well-being of any lawyer, thus, recognising it as a priority.  


About the Gender Gap

There is no gender gap at Caiado Guerreiro. Most of our partners are women and women here are paid as well as man.



There has always been more female lawyers in every team at Caiado Guerreiro along the years, with several of them rising to positions of coordination and management of certain areas and departments through the years. Examples of this are the positions that our women partners hold in the firm:

Tânia Pinheiro, Coordinator of the German Desk and co-responsible for the Real Estate Law area; Tatiana Cardoso, coordinator of the French Desk; Ana Castro Gonçalves, co-responsible for the Tax Law area; Sara Sousa Rebolo, coordinator of the Immigration Law area and co-responsible for the Chinese Desk; Maria Margarida Torres, co-responsible for the Real Estate Law area and co-responsible for the Chinese Desk; Sandra Ferreira Dias, co-responsible for the Litigation and Arbitration area, Joana Gomes dos Santos, co-responsible for the Banking and Financial Law area, and Sandra Jesus, co-responsible for the Litigation and Arbitration area.


The report made by Iberian Lawyer team took into account the statistics of the 20 main Portuguese law firms, where after analyzing the numbers, Caiado Guerreiro appears in first place.

This topic is not new to Caiado Guerreiro, where the technical knowledge and soft skills of each lawyer have always been more important than issues related to gender, age, ethnicity, orientation or any other type of personal attributes.



In addition to recognizing the equally skills of lawyers and partners who collaborate with the firm, Caiado Guerreiro has increasingly valued the personal work-life balance, especially in relation to motherhood, trying to adopt more flexible and efficient work practices on a day-to-day basis, in order to provide a better environment to all female employees.