The European Exchange Programme for Entrepreneurs

The European Exchange Programme for Entrepreneurs, also called Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, aimed to give to new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance cross-boarding to learn from experienced entrepreneurs about running small businesses.

The programme allows the European Young Entrepreneurs to acquire expertise and skills necessary to start and to manage a business with success. This experience is financed by the European Commission and could be for a period of one to six month or less.

The application process to the Programme comprises the following phases:

1) Application: this could be via an online registration and will be necessary to contact an intermediary organization of your choice.

2) Partner: After the application has been accepted, will be conceded access to an on-line database of new and host entrepreneurs also participating in the programme in order to be made up to 5 proposals from this database.

3) Commitment and preparation: The parties involved (i.e. new entrepreneur, host entrepreneur and their responsible local contact points) shall draft a “Commitment to Quality” consisting of a description of the work/learning project, objectives, tasks, responsibilities, deliverables, financial conditions and legal implications of the exchange.

4) Implementation phase: The local points responsible shall supervise the quality of the exchange on a regular basis and will evaluate the results.

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