Newsletter September 2018

Legal Updates

New rules for local lodging

On 22 August 2018, Law n. 62/2018 which substantially amends the Legal Regime for Local Lodging (LRLL) was published. We highlight, amongst the several innovations introduced, the following: the creation of the modality “Room”; the determination, by the competent municipal authority, of “containment areas” for the installation of new local lodgings; the possibility of opposition by the municipal authority in the licensing process, within 10 or 20 days from the prior communication; the prior approval of the installation of hostels by the relevant building’s owners assembly; the obligation of subscribing a valid multi-risk insurance (under penalty of cancellation of the local lodging’s registration), as well as to make available an ” Information Book”, containing all the rules of the establishment, in Portuguese, English and at least two other foreign languages.

Additionally, the amount of the applicable fines in case of misdemeanor was increased and the corresponding inspection competences were extended to the municipal authority where the local lodging is established. The new wording of LRLL will come into force on 22 October 2018.


Portugal adopts legislation on cybersecurity

Law n. 46/2018, of 13 August, was published, establishing the legal regime for the security of cyberspace, thus transposing (EU) Directive 2016/1148.

The aforementioned law foresees security requirements and incident reporting for essential services operators, digital services providers, the Public Administration itself and operators of critical infrastructures. Non-compliance may result in fines from €500 to €25,000 for individuals and from €1,500 to €50,000 for legal persons.

This regime foresees that all Member-States shall adopt a National Cyberspace Security Strategy, and the creation of a Higher Council of Cyberspace Security, the Government’s advisory body for these matters.

The creation of an Incident Response Team (CERT.PT) and a National Cybersecurity Centre (CNCS), which already exist in Portugal, are also foreseen by the same Law. The Centre will be responsible for identifying essential services operators until 9 November 2018. For their part, digital services providers must notify the CNCS of their activity.


Business Updates

Portugal exportador promotes business internationalization

The 3rd edition of Portugal Exportador will take place on 14 November 2018.

It is one of Portugal’s largest national events, dedicated to business internationalization, with the attendance of Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations, Startups and several embassies accredited in Portugal.

This year’s edition is more focused on companies, more business oriented and provides more networking opportunities. This fair, which will be held at the Lisbon Congress Centre, aims to provide Portuguese companies with the possibility of learning about the available instruments to support exportation and internationalization and, in particular, to identify potential partners in the market, generating conditions for each company to develop its best strategy aimed at globalization


Startup Lisboa awards innovative ideas in the catering sector

Startup Lisboa’s From Start-to-Table program, in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, aims to find revolutionary ideas in the area of catering.

The applications are open for projects from all around the world, starting from 27 August and extending until 30 September. However, the submitted projects must have less than two years of existence.

In this context, projects are sought in two areas: innovative catering concepts and technologies which improve the customer experience and / or restaurant operations.

Afterwards, 20 projects will be selected (10 technological and 10 non-technological). There shall be a winner from each category, whose prize will be of 10,000 euros for each one, as well as the direct entry for incubation in Startup Lisboa.