Newsletter September 2016

Legal Updates

Approval of the government’s conduct code

The Government, by resolution of the Council of Ministers, approved the Conduct Code one the second week of September. Using its auto-regulatory powers, the document intends to promote transparency and assure impartiality in the decision-making process of the holders of public office.

On the Code, the Government establishes the guiding principles and criteria to the conduct of the members of the Government, as well as of the heads and managers of public institutes and public companies in the matter of accepting offers of tangible goods and invitations or similar benefits.

It was introduced a yearly limit not exceeding € 150 on offers. The violation of these instructions implies politic liability and does not dismiss nor encroach upon other forms of liability, namely criminal, disciplinary or financial under the law. It is expected that, with this Code of Conduct, the citizen’s trust on the public institutions is increased



“Closer” expands to Eastern Europe

CLOSER, a Portuguese company in the domain of technology, has opened a new office in Macedonia, expanding its presence in Eastern Europe and on the Balkans. The company whose primary focus in on the areas of Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Mobility, intends to focus its activity in supplying services to entities such as banks, wholesale companies, contact centres and communications companies.

With offices already in Portugal, United Kingdom and Brazil, CLOSER is one of the many examples of cases of success of Portuguese companies that have built their business on an international level due to the enterprising work and to the investment on the market of new technologies.


Business Updates

Hotel’s occupancy rate shows the best results of the last twelve years

The first half of the year of 2016 registered a substantial increase on the occupancy rate of hotels, average price per available room, and average revenue per tourist. According to AHP – Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal (Association of hotelier of Portugal), the occupancy rate in this period was of 63,2%, around 3,4 percent points more than comparing to its corresponding period, having equally the average price for occupied room shown an increase of 6% comparing to the previous years of 2015 and 2014.

Foreign tourists constituted around three quarters of every stay, while the german and british citizens made the largest part, followed by French and Spanish citizens. In terms of occupancy rate, Azores have presented a great improvement, having Porto and Algarve shown the best prices


Greater use of renewable energies in Portugal

Last August, Portugal registered 107 consumable hours of energy solely produced from renewable sources. In the first eight months of 2016 the energy production from renewable sources represented 67%. These results are the product of a change of paradigm registered in all sectors of activity in Portugal. A special remark for two special cases in the past few months: WoodOne, a company with its head office in Paredes, has reduced its costs radically, thanks to the setup of more than one thousand solar panels, becoming the first factory worldwide self-sustainable with solar energy; Copérnico company, promoting the development of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency, has been referred to in a comprehensive news piece from CNN. Portugal keeps a strong bet in renewable energy and several successful cases such as these give Portugal a leading position globally.