Newsletter October 2019

Legal Updates

Recent changes to the medicine act

Decree-Law n. º 112/2019, published recently, proceeded to the twelfth amendment of the Medicine Act. This new amendment has strengthened the general public service obligation to supply medicinal products, with a view to solve the disruptions that occurred in its supply.

This legal Act designates INFARMED as the entity responsible for the monitoring of the medicine market in Portugal, which should guarantee timely and universal access by citizens to medicines and health productsthroughout the national territory.

In this sense, INFARMED has prepared a draft Regulation, in which subjects such as the criteria for determining stock (minimum quantities), the notification of the lack of a medicine, the plan for preventing shortage and the notification of the interruption of a medicine, are defined.

This draft Regulation is available for public consultation and interested parties may submit comments and suggestions to the document by the 27th September.


New legal regime for foreign citizens in Angola

Law No. 13/19 of Angola, on the legal Regime of Foreign Citizens, regulating their entry, exit, stay and residence in that country, has entered into force, repealing the former Law No. 2/07 of the 31st of August.

One of the main changes in this law is the abolition of the Ordinary Visa. Foreigners who want to invest in Angola will have to apply for a tourist visa, indicating the purpose of business prospecting. This visa allows multiple entries and the stay for up to 30 days during the 120 days following its issue, which may be extended twice for the same period.

The Preferred Visa has been replaced by the Investor Visa which can now be applied for before the migration authority. With this visa, a temporary residency permit may subsequently be requested, provided that the business is considered valid by the Angolan Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX).

As far as the Work Visa is concerned, there have been no significant changes, although the obligation to publish a notice on the job offer in the newspaper with more circulation has been introduced, in order to give preference to Angolan national citizens.


Business Updates

SEF provides an additional 11,000 places for attendance

The Foreign and Border Service (SEF) offers, by the end of the year, an additional 11,000 vacancies for appointments for authorization or renewal of residence and family reunification. These services had already 135,000 appointments registered throughout the country until the end of the year, which had led to the exhaustion of the capacity to respond and a consequent suspension of further appointments.

The scheduling calendar is therefore, at this moment, reopened.

According to a SEF statement, more than 155,000 people were served in the first half of this year alone, leading from January to July to a much higher number of attendees compared to the same period in 2018, with 70% more new residency permits, 16% more renovations and 40% more residency permits for family reunification.

The opening of vacancies arises after the SEF communicates the participation to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the evidence of a crime of aid to illegal immigration, as a result of an alleged sale of vacancies in the
services through online classified ad sites.


INEOS Group invests EUR 300 million in Portugal

It makes sense to invest in Portugal. The INEOS Group chose Portugal to install the production unit of the “Grenadier”, off-road vehicle, with BMW motor, which aspires to the succession of Land Rover’s Defender model, discontinued by the brand in 2016. In addition to the Grenadier, the company also has in mind the production of other models in collaboration with Jaguar, responsible for the Defender.

Certainly aware of the advantages of tax incentives for private investment, political stability, social peace and a temperate climate in Portugal, British millionaire Jim Ratcliffe, CEO of the group, chose the Council of Estarreja for the investment of about 300 million euros.

The petrochemical giant thus débuted in the automotive sector, having set up a Portuguese company, Amazing Wheels, based in the Estarreja Business Park.

This investment aims to create 600 direct jobs and boost the region, with the consequent attraction of other companies whose business is related to car production.