Newsletter January 2017

Legal Updates

The president of the republic promulgated the first amendment to the judicial system organization law

The President of the Republic promulgated, in the past 21st December, the first amendment to the Judicial System Organization Law (Law n. 62/2013, 26th August).

The new phrasing of the Judicial System Organisation Law (LJSO), whose source was a Government Law Proposal, was approved by the Parliament in a final global voting, in the 16th December, with the favourable votes of the political parties PS, BE, PCP, PEV and PAN, and the abstention of PSD and CDS-PP.

The Judicial System Organization Law establishes, among others measures, changes to the judiciary maps, such as the reactivation of 20 courts, which should be ready to operate in January, and the widening of the Proximity Sections’ material competence, in order to judgments take place in there.


Parliament unanimouly approves the new legal status for “animals”

In the past month of December, the Parliament approved amendments in Portuguese Civil Code Dispositions, by which the animals will have a different legal status from persons and things.

Therefore, with this legislative intervention, animals will be deemed as sentient beings and with its own legal status, upon which legal obligations for the Animal Keepers exists.

The new Statute should be promulgated by the President of the Republic in this year of 2017. Despite of this, the proposal for the aggravation of the sanctioning legal framework for Company Animals mistreatments did not find the same consensus.


Business Updates

António Gueterres is the UN’S general secretary

In the 13th October 2016, the United Nations General Assembly elected, with unanimity and acclamation, António Guterres as the 9th general secretary of the United Nations.

Following this election, in the last 12th December, António Guterres became, officially, the 9th general secretary of the United Nations Organisation during a ceremony which occurred in the New York UN’s headquarters, in the general assembly room, succeeding to Ban Ki-moon.

In that ceremony there were representatives of 193 members-states. Portugal was represented by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Soura, and by the Prime-Minister, António Costa. António Guterres took office in the 1st January, 2017, for a 5 years mandate


Investments in Portugal above one billion euro in 2016

AICEP Portugal Global, E. P. E., Agency for Investment and External Trade of Portugal raised, during this year, diversified investments above 1700 million euro.

The investment was larger in the second semester of 2016 and, since AICEP was founded, this was the fourth best year in terms of investment, being upper to the years of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Today, AICEP assists about 65 markets and is planning to open a delegation in Australia, Argentina and Thailand.