Immigration Law in July

Approved amendment to the urban lease law

On June 15th, the law entered into force, which made several changes, including, for example, new deadlines for submitting the contract to the New Urban Lease Regime: Tenants under 65 years of age who prove to have financial shortages will benefit from a transitional period of eight years. On the other hand, tenants with old rents, with more than 65 years of age or with a disability equal to or greater than 60% and financial shortages will benefit from a transitional period of ten years. In addition, the diploma extends the deadline for payment that justifies the resolution of the lease, which is now set to 3 months. Besides that, the term for lease contracts it will be five years.

The new electronic book

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers 76/2017, published on June 5 of 2017, extinguished the Technical File of the property, creating the Book of Electronic Work. The Book of the Electronic Work contains the information of the Technical File of the property, the Energy Certificate and the Book of the Work, being a document necessary for any real estate business. The goal was to create a single document with the characteristics of the property, avoiding the dispersion of information and being easier real estate acquisitions and resales, which have increased significantly in the last 3 years.

Court Appeal of Évora of 08-06-2017:

According to this judicial decision, the adverse possession (usacapiao) institute, which is the way to acquire the ownership of a property through its prolonged possession, prevails over the legal or administrative limitations to the division of rustic buildings for violation of the unit of minimum culture, that is, the minimum surface that a rustic land must have so that it can be properly managed, which may vary according to the area of the country and the type of land in question. Since the adverse possession (usacapiao) is a form of acquisition originating in the right of property, it will be immune to those vices. So, the acquisition of ownership by adverse possession (usacapiao) will not be impeded if any of those rules are violated.

Portugal has been a destination of choice for several families of different nationalities

On June 20, the Iberian Property Summit conference was held in London, bringing together 153 professionals from the real estate sector. Once the real estate crisis was over and forgotten, the speakers confirmed that the Iberian real estate market is in a good phase. A market “truly vibrant and full of opportunities”, “growing exponentially,” told by the Conference Chairman Rupert Nabarro. Portugal has been a destination of choice for several families of different nationalities, who choose to buy real estate in the country, attracted by affordable prices, quality life and safety, Mediterranean climate and the hospitality of the portuguese people. Portugal was considered the 4th best destination in the world to invest in real estate in 2017.

Recognition of professional qualifications

The Law 26/2017 was published and entered into force on June 1st of 2017. This law seeks to promote the free movement of people by facilitating the recognition of professional qualifications of nationals of other Member States of the European Union. Above all, it is sought that the holders of professional qualifications can exercise their profession in the national territory under the same conditions as the professionals who have acquired the qualifications in that territory. By virtue of this goal, the law regulates some new instruments, such as the European Professional Portfolio, the Common Training Test, the Common Training Framework and the Warning Mechanism. The law focuses on health professions like in the areas of Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, but also deals with the profession of Architecture.

Sale at public auction of municipal real estate

On July 14, at 10 o’clock, the Câmara de Lisboa will promote a public sale of municipal real estate in the Campo Grande municipal building. The properties to be bid are the most varied: from apartments, land, lots, in different areas such as Parque das Nações, Santa Maria Maior and Belém, with prices ranging from 90,000 euros to 6,000,000 euros. Applications must be sent by post with acknowledgment of receipt or hand-delivered by candidates or representatives by 1 pm on July 13th of 2017.

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