Urban Planning

Urban Planning law is a collection of policies & legislation that manage the urban environment.

The Urban Planning Law team of Caiado Guerreiro is particularly focused on accompanying the matters directly linked with Urban and Town Planning, both in the public and private sectors, following our clients’ interests in judicial proceedings regarding land management instruments and appeals of refusal of urban claims, embargoes or expropriation.

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Caiado Guerreiro provides advice and consultancy, with a multidisciplinary scope, in approval procedures of urbanistic operations such as allotment, urbanization plans, construction, among others, in administrative planning and urban rehabilitation, assisting in the definition of the formalities and of the legal content of the plans, in the tax planning of the projects in both the pre-judicial and judicial stages, as well as in the execution of land management instruments.


Asset Acquisition

& Management

Licensing approvals

Property investment projects

Urban planning authorization

Regulatory urban planning

Land management

Asset regularisation

Land Use Litigation

Operational urban planning

Public Facilities and

Infrastructure Finance

Environmental issues

Expropriation procedures

Land re-parcelling operations

Infrastructure Finance

Commercial urban planning

Regulatory urban planning


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