Tourism and Entertainment

A deep understanding of Tourism and Entertainment activities, including the rights, privileges, obligations and duties of businesses and entities, is essential to operate in the sector complying with its regulation.

The tourism is a sector in full expansion in Portugal and where the main real estate transactions have taken place in several areas of the country.

Aware of the growing importance of tourism for the national economy, Caiado Guerreiro has assisted its clients throughout the whole process of development of projects, from the acquisition, construction and development of hotel chains, resorts and shopping centers, to the sale of the respective project, also assisting them with the licensing of touristic and entertainment activities and all related operational questions.

The department is alwyas concerned about keeping the client informed of the progress of matters

The legal advice and assistance provided by Caiado Guerreiro also includes services of the drafting and negotiation of contracts and, amongst which agreements of sale and purchase of tourism resorts, agreements for tourism operations, rights of touristic use of units sales agreement, real estate or obligational rights sales agreement and period housing and hotel management agreements, as well as assisting with the licensing of the installation and functioning of tourism projects, drafting of constitutive documents, litigation related to conflicts arising from touristic issues and tourism and entertainment projects, and preparation of legal opinions regarding these issues.


Real estate transactions and leases

Land acquisition and land use planning

Development and construction

Corporate formation and ownership agreements

Employee management relations and employment contracts

Franchising agreements

Vendor contracts

Alcoholic beverage regulation

General business licensing and regulation

Tourism development grants and other financing

Tort defense

State and federal regulations


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