Public Law

The role of Public Law is to regulate the relationship between state and individuals, providing checks and balances that ensure that the government does not abuse its power over individuals and that they use their power in a fair and proper manner.

Caiado Guerreiro’s Public Law team is formed by professionals who ally knowledge to professional experience in the area representing both public and private entities in the non-judicial and judicial means suited to the defence of their interests.

Public Procurement is one of the areas to which Caiado Guerreiro is especially oriented, having legally assisted both contracting entities and private contracting parties in the pre-contractual stage of public invitations to tender, in all the sectors of activity, in particular industrial sectors such as construction, natural gas and telecommunications.

The lawyers impress with ‘the ease with which they understand new, unusual subjects’

Legal assistance carried out by our team also includes subjects as Public Labour Law and State-Owned Enterprises, as well as any subject related to Regulated Sectors, such as water, energy, health, pharmaceutical and telecommunications.


Administrative Contracts

Financial Services Regulation and Investigations

Freedom of Information

Government Owned Assets

Business and Human Rights Law

Permits and Authorisations

Political Law

Public Law Litigation

Public and Mixed Entities/Structures

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

Public Procurement and Competitive Tendering

Real Estate Litigation and Planning Disputes

State Aid


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