Litigation & Arbitration

There are various approaches to resolving disputes between citizens, companies and or governments as well as to settling conflicts, disputes, or claims.

Caiado Guerreiro offers a highly specialized and flexible team, organized into groups of expertise.

This approach allows for a focused outlook to the client’s needs, and, at the same time, provides the team with the necessary knowledge and expertise to respond quickly and efficiently to any question in need of an answer, regardless of complexities or specificities, in both civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and other ADR.

Caiado Guerreiro understands that not all disputes and conflicts need to be settled before a court of law and that alternative methods of dispute resolution have become increasingly important in the last decade. Therefore, Caiado Guerreiro has a team of well-trained professionals, in all legal fields, who have a deep understanding of national and international laws as well as practical experience in litigation and arbitration, whichever is the most suitable for the settlement of the case.

Caiado Guerreiro is adept at successfully handling disputes concerning large international companies, domestic corporations and private clients

Caiado Guerreiro’s lawyers frequently attend arbitration cases as well as extrajudicial settlements, working alongside the most relevant ADR centers in the country either as arbitrators and as advocates, in both ad hoc and regulated arbitration courts.

Dispute resolution is at the core of the practice of Caiado Guerreiro, representing the firm’s main field of activity.
Accordingly, Caiado Guerreiro relies on a team with diversified and excelent knowledge and academic training, which is enables it to provide its clients with a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on innovative, creative and highly specialized legal solutions to complex problems.


Corporate litigation

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Employment & Labor issues

Patent Litigation

Corporate Agreements and Resolutions

Enforcement proceedings

Financial litigation

Manufacturer’s liability

Consumer Rights

Competition and Antitrust

Restructuring and Financial Litigation

Regulatory law

Arbitral proceedings

Compulsory Insolvency Proceedings

Contracts’ Termination

Challenge and recognition of credits

Debt Recovery


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