Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law gives people and businesses property rights to the information and ideas they create, allowing them to profit from the intellectual goods they create.

The Intellectual Property and Copyright team is constituted by lawyers with extensive experience in consulting in matters of national and international intellectual property, copyright, brands and trademarks, judicial or non-judicial.

The intellectual property team focuses on the acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property’s rights, as well as on the compliance and its protection in case of breach and on the drafting of licensing agreements.

With our clients, amongst which several of the most reputable companies of research in the pharmaceutical industry, we have taken part in many of the major and most complex cases related to them in what concerns prevention or reaction to breach of trademarks, and to the protection of their validity.

Caiado Guerreiro assists clients in non-contentious and contentious matters pertaining to patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, denominations of rights of origin and geographical indications

Maintaining close contact with the INPI and other organisations, Caiado Guerreiro has devoted a significant effort on the protection of their clients’ rights, assisting them whenever it is necessary on the registry of brands and trademarks, on the licensing of the rights to explore such rights, as well as on the litigation or on out-of-court settlement of disputes subsequent to their breach.

We have a highly focused team of lawyers with extensive experience in consulting in matters of national, European Union and international intellectual property, both in patents, models and designs, trademarks, plant variety rights, trade secrets, copyright and trademarks, either at a judicial level or not.



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