Foreign Investment

Assisting foreign investors seek opportunities in Portugal through capital flow into companies, giving them an active role in the management of their new business.

The world circles around an increasingly global economy. Whether your company is building a new facility in another country, acquiring or relocating a business overseas, participating in a joint venture, or pursuing some other form of foreign direct investment, it may first have to overcome a challenging number of country-specific legal rules and domestic bureaucracy. Our lawyers know what to do, how and where to guide your company through the process of investing in Portugal.

Caiado Guerreiro is an International law firm established in 1979 with headquarters in Lisbon, national presence in Oporto and Faro and international presence in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Spain, Malta, and China. During the last 40 years, we established ourselves as a team of experts in the main areas of the law, providing a tailored assistance to our Clients. That turn the firm into a One-Stop-Shop for our clients who can rely on a team of professionals that deals with several jurisdictions on a daily basis. If you have a situation, we will always have someone available to assist you, regardless of the topic, time or complexity.

Caiado Guerreiro's practice possesses strong wealth management expertise, and handles tax work related to transactions, planning and disputes

We are realistic, optimistic, specialized and technological. We believe that every case has a particularity, and that is what makes every process special for us.

Also, we believe that human approach and adaptive power are the values that set the key component on the legal support to our Clients together with trustworthy and mutual respect. We have earned credibility by exceeding our Client’s expectations and being by their side at all moments ensuring a 360ₒ committed service.

We focus on achieving our Clients’ goals in as cost effective a manner as possible. We are also results driven and focus on building long term relationships with our Clients.


Regulatory approvals

Compliance with
foreign investment laws

Investment contracts

International and
local tax planning

Foreign acquisitions

Corporate structures

International finance structures

International mergers,
acquisitions and
joint ventures


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