Economic Criminal Law

To protect individuals and corporations from government investigations and prosecutions, criminal lawyers act on recognizing and responding to compliance issues, avoiding sanctions under the criminal code.

In addition to its traditional aspects, Economic Criminal Law and Administrative Criminal Law have been constantly evolving by the diversity of types of economic and financial crimes and the multiplicity of legislative instruments aimed at preventing and punishing them.

Indeed, this area of increasing importance in the national and international overview has aroused a pressing need for legal action, leveraged on the provision of personalized legal services in the field of the business, corporate and singular criminality. These valences allow us to settle key interests for legal transactions attesting the viability and sustainability of companies, their representatives and their workers.

The team is very competent and agile; Competence, professionalism, quick support and friendly manner.

Our team of Economic and Administrative Criminal Law is dedicated to the provision of legal services in any area within these fields of law. It is comprised of well-trained professionals, with deep understanding of national and international legislation, well prepared to assist our clients throughout the proceedings.

The Economic and Administrative Criminal Law team integrates lawyers with extensive experience with a special focus on economic, financial and corporate area. It is, therefore, able to advise its clients at an early stage, preventing the practice of economic and administrative criminal violations, within the scope of legal representation, always clamoring for the intransigent defense of its interests, providing a personalized service, creative and innovative that stands out for its excellence and high technical quality.


Advice on regulatory
compliance with sanctions

Preventive advice on the
practice of criminal offences

Codes of conduct and
anti-corruption manuals

Implementation of
compliance programs

Procedural strategy

Advice during the investigation
phase of criminal proceedings

Follow-up in court


Civil claims related to
the practice of crimes

Formalization of hierarchical

Interventions and complaints

Preparation of applications

Judicial advice in instructive
debate and trial hearings

Infringement proceedings

Preparation of resources


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