Data Protection and Cyber-security

The use of regulations and incentives allows the promoting of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of public and private information, systems, and networks while protecting individual rights and privacy, economic interests, and national security.

In view of the growing and constant evolution of technology, it is essential to provide an adequate protection, both to private and to public entities, in relation to its privacy and personal data, since that exposition is increasingly bigger and also that the existing mechanisms do not always ensure such protection is fully effective.

Taking into account its growing importance in the past few years, and its permanent development, Caiado Guerreiro has been assisting several public and private entities in Portugal and in other jurisdictions, notably in Portuguese speaking countries, in particular by defining compliance strategies adequate to each organisation, in a wide range of sectors of activity, such as financial and insurance, health, telecommunications and media, information technologies, among others.

The lawyers at Caiado Guerreiro ‘really advise what is best for the company’ and explain matters in ‘simple language’

We privilege a close relationship with our clients, sharing our know-how and experience, in a way to reinforce their skills in the domain of privacy and data protection, trusting that an efficient compliance creates economical and reputational benefits, by evaluating technical and technological solutions from the point of view of the data protection rules, assisting on the implementation of international transfer projects of personal data and definition of rules and procedures for the treatment of personal data in the context of human resources’ management.


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