Corporate Governance

Operations conducted by companies or organizations are regulated by a set of rules that structures the rights and responsibilities of those involved, establishing a better process of making decisions in corporate affairs.

Combined with advising the main M&A transactions concluded over the past few decades in Portugal, Caiado Guerreiro has acquired a solid experience in this area, alongside with the technical knowledge and the command of the current legislation and of new Codes of Conduct, relevant to corporate governance and responsibility in its exercise. Thus, Caiado Guerreiro has advised several companies, both national and international, and in particular in what concerns the legal and statutory duties of the directors and managers.

Concerning Corporate Governance, we advise and assist companies, handle strategic questions of the corporate practice, in particular regulation of shareholder’s agreements, expansion, restructuring and feasibility, relationship between the corporate bodies, shareholders and other stakeholders and assessment of pre-litigation legal and corporate situations.

Caiado Guerreiro is noted for its 'commercial understanding' and 'proximity' to clients; the team handles transactional, corporate and restructuring work

The market development puts forth a series of questions regarding corporate governance, and, as such, it is necessary to provide an effective and solid advice, in particular to the managing bodies. We study and disclose good practices to be followed by private limited companies (corporate governance) as well as public limited companies (public governance), aiming to develop solutions adequate to major companies, taking into consideration the singularities thus arising.


Advising boards,
committees & management

Board Policies
& Evaluations

Crisis Management

Shareholder Activism

Taxation of Executive Compensation

Shareholder and stakeholder engagement

Risk management and internal systems and controls

Annual reports

Compensation Disclosure

Regulatory Investigations

Regulatory Obligations

Market Disclosure

Director and Senior Executive
contracts and transitions

Remuneration Structures

Dividend Reinvestment Plans


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