Competition and EU

Competition Law allows for lawyers to promote and maintain regulation against anti-competitive conduct by companies in the European Union, protecting the economy and society.

Caiado Guerreiro has a vast experience, having been involved in the most important and newsworthy cases involving Competition Law, both on an national and European level, which leads to a maximum competence in the competition and economic regulatory areas, as well as in the European Union.

In regulatory and competition matters, we give advice, judicial and non-judicial, on all matters related to the company’s activity, notably as to the company agreements that restrict competition, abuse of dominant positions, abuse of economic dependency, mergers and State aid and questions arising from market liberalisation and deregulation.

The firm has in-depth knowledge of European law and is equipped to assist clients with competition compliance policies

The team deals particulary with the sectors of electronic communications, post, energy and transportation, where they have an extensive experience of implementing and assisting compliance programs to reduce the risk of infringing the applicable provisions, and assisting companies affected by competition restrictive practices.

Concerning European Union Law, our advice also covers institutional and European litigation matters, relating to freedom of circulation of goods, companies, services and capital, as well as in general questions arising from the harmonisation of national laws.


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