Banking and Finance

Banks and financial institutions must comply with several regulations imposed by governments, which makes Banking Law a way to help manage their activity while following and enforcing said regulations

Caiado Guerreiro has represented some of the most prestigious international banks, both in situations of continued assistance and with specific issues, from a wide range of complex and diverse transactions. We are familiar with the ever-changing banking world and the evolution of banking and financial regulations to match it. Our team is comprised of highly trained lawyers, well versed in banking law as well as financial law and how the two intersect in the modern world.

Aside from supporting our clients with legal advice on any matter related to banking law, we also seek to provide them with the best legal advice and strategy, as efficiently as possible, in a sector and in a market that is undergoing significant changes in how it operates.

Caiado Guerreiro understands that in the coming years there will be the need for expert advice on matters that are complex, which will require access to multiple fields of knowledge. As such, we strive to bring our clients closer to this future by anticipating their needs.

The department offers comprehensive advice and provides ongoing regulatory assistance to financial and banking entities.

The firm has been representing some of the most prestigious international banks, both in permanent assistance and in a wide range of specific transactions, also assisting several securities and real estate investment funds and institutional investors in a wide range of transactions and operations, including the incorporation of such entities.

The firm’s expertise and know-how in all major innovation areas of the financial and banking sector has assured its ongoing participation in special projects such as structured finance, securitization and derivatives.


Bank loans


Regulatory issues

Fintech & Insurtech

Structured finance

Private equity financing

Securitization and covered bonds

International infrastructure financing

Capital Markets

Bankruptcy related financing


Investment funds


Insurance law

Project finance/Public-private partnerships

Banking regulation and supervision


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