Caiado Guerreiro ranked in Best Lawyers 2021

We are pleased to share that Caiado Guerreiro has been listed by Best Lawyers in its 2021 ranking, with our partners Tiago Caiado Guerreiro, Ricardo Costa Macedo and Ricardo Lopes being recognized for their practice.

Caiado Guerreiro is proud of these results and congratulates the exceptional lawyers and their respective teams, whose work and efforts made it possible to achieve these results.


João Caiado Guerreiro will be a speaker at the I Digital Covid-19 Congress

Caiado Guerreiro’s Managing Partner, João Caiado Guerreiro, will be a speaker at the I Digital Covid-19 Congress: The Legal & Social Effects of the Pandemic, an event promoted by the Brazilian Bar Association to which Caiado Guerreiro was invited by the Bar’s president, Felipe Santa Cruz.

This is an online event that will be held from Brazil, exclusively for professionals in the Law field, lasting for 5 days and organized by the National School of Law, organism of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association. Right now, there are already over 100.000 registrations for the event.

João Caiado Guerreiro will participate in the panel “Post-Covid Advocay – Opportunities and necessary adaptations in a new era”, where he will address the new challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought as well as the opportunities that invariably arose with this change.

Being a member of the Brazilian Bar Association, João Caiado Guerreiro has played a key role as Managing Partner of Caiado Guerrerio’s law firm, one of the largest law firms in Portugal, having to adapt to a complex period caused by the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic that came to affect the reality of Portuguese companies.

Covid-19 News

In our offices or from home, our Clients are the priority

With the end of the state of emergency in Portugal and the new phase of progressive deconfinement that is now beginning, Caiado Guerreiro accompanies this new stage with a gradual return of the team to the offices, with alternating shifts.

Caiado Guerreiro will continue to ensure strict compliance with the guidelines and recommendations of the competent Health Authorities to guarantee the safety of the team and of all its Clients and Friends.

Either working from Caiado Guerreiro’s offices in Lisbon, Oporto and Faro or from home, through remote work, our team is totally available and capable to continue supporting and advising all of our Clients.

Although the meetings will continue to be held preferably by videoconference, we are prepared to receive our Clients and friends at our offices complying with the rules of social distancing and recommendations of the Health Authorities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Clients.

Our compromise is to provide the best services to our Clients and Friends and despite the new challenges brought by the pandemic crisis of COVID-19, we continue committed to provide our Clients with a professional service of the highest calibre, combining technical excellence with commercial awareness and a practical, constructive approach to legal issues.

Caiado Guerreiro’s team will continue to ensure, safely, in a committed manner with quality, creativity and rigour, the support of our Clients and Friends, guaranteeing them the continuity and excellence of the services provided.


Last Week in Portugal

From 04/24/2020 to 05/01/2020


Netflix and the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual are supporting Portuguese screenwriters

Cultural initiatives have been suspended for an indefinite time, with the COVID-19 pandemic still taking place. To support screenwriters, Netflix and the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual will have a 155 thousand euros prize for the 10 best screenwriters, in a competition finishing on the first of June.

Several Portuguese towns with technology investments

Ponte de Lima and Mogadouro are two examples of small towns that needed to invest in technology to assure education services to families. Mogadouro will invest 100 thousand euros in computer acquisitions and Ponte de Lima 18 thousand euros in tablet purchases, all destined to more disfavoured families.

Auchan Retail Portugal will distribute 14 million euros in prizes to co-workers

Looking at their 2019 results, Auchan is now distributing prises to co-works, adding a 20% bonus to recent results during the pandemic situation. This bonus will result in an extra of 1.5 million euros to add up to the original prize.


Last Week in Portugal

From 20/04/2020 to 24/04/2020


Taga-Urbanic Group from Israel will invest 100 million euros in Portugal

After several acquisitions in the Real Estate business, particularly in the Porto area, the group will now begin a portfolio of projects that will result in 700 apartments until 2023. This investment will mainly be made in Porto but will also include some projects in Lisbon.

New maximum prices on gas to be established

With the impact caused by COVID-19 in several industries, the necessity to regulate prices in the gas industry is seen as a necessity from the regulatory entity for the energetic services, as the butane gas price will max at 21.15 euros per bottle.

859 million euros to be spent with Cascais hospital between 2022 and 2029

Managed by the Lusíadas Health Group, Cascais Hospital has closed a public-private partnership with the government that will be managed from 2020 to 2029. The amount will be increased year by year and will start at 90 Million euros, finishing at 128 million.


The Legal 500 highlights Caiado Guerreiro

The important international directory The Legal 500 once again highlighted Caiado Guerreiro, in its 2020 edition, in which it recommends the firm’s work in 11 practice areas: Commercial and M&A Law, Litigation and Arbitration, Tax Law, Banking and Finance Law, Labour Law, Intellectual Property, Competition Law, Insolvency and Restructuring, Energy and Natural Resources Law, Transport Law and Technologies and Telecommunications.

In granting this recognition, the directory counted on the opinion of the clients of the firm itself, who assessed not only the capacity to add real value to the business but also the quality of the service, technical knowledge, transparency, the capacity of response by lawyers and their teams, loyalty and professional ethics.

Within the feedback gathered by the directory, we would like to highlight our clients’ appreciative comments on the lawyers who make up the teams in the various practice areas, such as

“The lead partners have extensive proven knowledge”; “João Caiado Guerreiro is noted for his experience in the field, availability and interpersonal skills”; “Excellent quality of legal service provided”; “Tiago Caiado Guerreiro boasts expertise across tax disputes, as well as reorganisations”; “Competence, professionalism, quick support and friendly manner”; and ‘João Caiado Guerreiro is a top-notch lawyer.

Recommendations were also made to João Caiado Guerreiro, in the areas of Commercial Law, Litigation and Arbitration and Banking Law; Tiago Caiado Guerreiro, in Tax Law; Ricardo Costa Macedo, in Intellectual Property; Ricardo Rodrigues Lopes, in Commercial Law, in Labour Law, Competition Law and Technologies & Telecommunications; Sandra Ferreira Dias, in Litigation and Arbitration and Insolvency and Restructuring; Joana Gomes dos Santos, in Banking Law; and Jorge Ribeiro Mendonça, in Labour Law and Energy Law.

This distinction and this feedback once again reflect Caiado Guerreiro’s position as one of the most relevant and prestigious law firms in the Portuguese market.


Last Week in Portugal

From 13/04/2020 to 17/04/2020


Mental health hotline for nurses is now available

The line pretends to support nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. From 9 am to 6 pm nurses can use this hotline to talk about stressful events on the job, as well as their current mental state, which may offer some help in a period where most nurses are separated from their families and working long shifts.

Lisbon Metropolitan services to increase capacity by 40%

In cooperation with private operators and the city hall, the Lisbon Metropolitan Services will increase their capacity to normalize the services in the Lisbon area. These services will continue to obey the necessary rules and will be restored gradually.

172 workers will receive financial support to assist households with children

This monetary compensation will be provided to workers who cannot go to work to support children under the age of 12. This financial support will be paid partially by the social security services and the company that the worker is working for.


Last Week in Portugal

From 06/04/2020 to 10/04/2020


Credit lines are now available to support companies

To support the more affected sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, credit lines with a total value of 3.46 billion euros have been opened to mainly support the tourism, catering and textile industries.

Alcohol production during the COVID-19 pandemic will be free of taxes

All of the production that is destined to be used in hospitals or health establishments will not be taxed during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to stimulate production and create conditions for hospitals and other public health institutions to have the necessary tools to work.

Communications traffic rises 37% since social isolation started

With most of the population in self-isolation, the communications traffic is increasing day by day. Looking at the numbers, the main changes are seen in phone calls, with a 44% increase in comparison with 2019.


Last Week in Portugal

From 30/03/2020 to 03/04/2020


Portuguese Investigator receives a 2.5 Million euros Scholarship to work on bone regeneration

João Mano, a Portuguese investigator working for the Aveiro University, will be investigating bone regeneration in the next 5 years. The scholarship will allow advanced research in the bioengineering of human tissues and biomaterials.

Instituto Superior Técnico will work on bitcoin technology

Using the blockchain technology, a digital registration frequently used in bitcoin transactions, the Portuguese investigators will work for 5 years in the development of the technology, to be used in the health sector, transportation and more.

British citizens raise 360 thousand euros to fight COVID-19 in Algarve

A group of 300 British citizens with residency in Faro started a fund-raising campaign that will revert to the biomedical department of the Algarve’s University. The objective is to conduct research on the COVID-19 pandemic and to produce essential materials for the hospitals.


Last Week in Portugal

From 23/03/2020 to 27/03/2020


COVID-19: How is the Portuguese economy reacting?

Looking at the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Portugal, some recent events have made a drastic impact on the Portuguese economy. Despite that, some organizations are working on initiatives to positively revert this situation and help the country go back to its normality.

Starting with Calouste Gulbenkian, the Portuguese foundation will invest 5 million euros to support health, science, culture, and education, with the fund being also opened to anyone who wishes to donate.

Public institutions, such as the Lisbon City Hall, have a 300 million budget to face the pandemic. This budget will be managed to support families, companies and other social working institutions.

Finally, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology has opened a credit line of 1.5 million euros to help the national health system with urgent needs for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

José de Melo Health Group signs a 33 Million euros contract

In another news, concerning business in Portugal, the José de Melo Health Group, the owner of the private health network CUF, has made a deal with the Bank of China for 33 million euros in order to finance an external loan, focusing on risk management and diverse sources of funding.