From 27.jan.2020 to 02.feb.2020


Luanda Leaks Scandal connected to Rui Pinto

The Portuguese pirate, responsible for leaking scandals like Football Leaks, has been confirmed by William Bourbon (Rui Pinto’s lawyer) as the whistleblower for the Luanda Leaks scandal. The hacker exposed more than 715 thousand documents referencing Isabel dos Santos and her companies.

Portuguese State Budget still has to suffer some changes 

After budget approval with left majority, deputies have now in hands more than a thousand propositions for changes on the budget, some already guaranteed and others with negotiations in place, ranging from real estate taxes to pensions and health care.

Fitch Analyst Michele Napolitano expects increasement for Portuguese ranking in 2020

Michele Napolitano from Fitch Ratings, a credit rating and research agency, explains how Portugal will have a positive score in the next evaluation (around May) by having an increase of the gross domestic product (GDP) of 1,7% in 2020. Possible risks pointed involved the external economy, as it’s foreseen a global slowdown.

posted in February 3, 2020