From 23/03/2020 to 27/03/2020


COVID-19: How is the Portuguese economy reacting?

Looking at the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Portugal, some recent events have made a drastic impact on the Portuguese economy. Despite that, some organizations are working on initiatives to positively revert this situation and help the country go back to its normality.

Starting with Calouste Gulbenkian, the Portuguese foundation will invest 5 million euros to support health, science, culture, and education, with the fund being also opened to anyone who wishes to donate.

Public institutions, such as the Lisbon City Hall, have a 300 million budget to face the pandemic. This budget will be managed to support families, companies and other social working institutions.

Finally, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology has opened a credit line of 1.5 million euros to help the national health system with urgent needs for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

José de Melo Health Group signs a 33 Million euros contract

In another news, concerning business in Portugal, the José de Melo Health Group, the owner of the private health network CUF, has made a deal with the Bank of China for 33 million euros in order to finance an external loan, focusing on risk management and diverse sources of funding.

posted in March 31, 2020