From 02/03/2020 to 06/03/2020


New head of Porto’s Police department wants reinforcement on new types of criminality

Paula Peneda explains that the Portuguese police faces several challenges despite criminality rates being low. Crimes like theft, terrorism and domestic violence are of major importance nowadays, as the police looks for reinforcements and institutional cooperation.

Government releases 90 policies to improve modernization for the Ministry of Justice

The plan is called closer justice and wants to modernize the justice departments from 2020 to 2023. From nationality submissions and processes for mail expedition, the plan focuses on efficiency, innovation and proximity, with an investment that should be around 25 million euros.

Portuguese Investigator Caetano Reis wins the BIAL award in Biomedicine after research for cancer prevention

Portuguese investigator Caetano Reis won the BIAL award in Biomedicine after investigation the mechanisms of tumor cells. Research started in 2017 and focused on understanding the anti-tumor response of the T cells, which are essential to the tumor destruction.

posted in March 10, 2020