From 10/02/2020 to 14/02/2020


Euthanasia discussion generates controversy closing parliament discussion

Discussion over Euthanasia is taking over public debate, after the announcement of propositions for the 2020 law project. Controversy is being generated because of a no referendum campaign, which can lead to approval (with left majority).

The hypothesis of a referendum is still unknown, with parties on the right being opened to the idea. Debate between the medical community is also an issue, with the Portuguese Medical Association rejecting the proposals on the table.

The Government will invest 168 million euros in forest prevention

After recent discussion over the management of the Portuguese forests, investment in prevention has been a priority for the socialists, with 6000 million euros being prepared in investment for the next decade.

Looking at the numbers, forests represent 36% of the Portuguese land, pasture represents 31% and land for agriculture represents 23%. With such diversity, management also becomes increasingly harder.

posted in February 19, 2020