From 04/24/2020 to 05/01/2020


Netflix and the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual are supporting Portuguese screenwriters

Cultural initiatives have been suspended for an indefinite time, with the COVID-19 pandemic still taking place. To support screenwriters, Netflix and the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual will have a 155 thousand euros prize for the 10 best screenwriters, in a competition finishing on the first of June.

Several Portuguese towns with technology investments

Ponte de Lima and Mogadouro are two examples of small towns that needed to invest in technology to assure education services to families. Mogadouro will invest 100 thousand euros in computer acquisitions and Ponte de Lima 18 thousand euros in tablet purchases, all destined to more disfavoured families.

Auchan Retail Portugal will distribute 14 million euros in prizes to co-workers

Looking at their 2019 results, Auchan is now distributing prises to co-works, adding a 20% bonus to recent results during the pandemic situation. This bonus will result in an extra of 1.5 million euros to add up to the original prize.

posted in May 6, 2020