From 06/04/2020 to 10/04/2020


Credit lines are now available to support companies

To support the more affected sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, credit lines with a total value of 3.46 billion euros have been opened to mainly support the tourism, catering and textile industries.

Alcohol production during the COVID-19 pandemic will be free of taxes

All of the production that is destined to be used in hospitals or health establishments will not be taxed during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to stimulate production and create conditions for hospitals and other public health institutions to have the necessary tools to work.

Communications traffic rises 37% since social isolation started

With most of the population in self-isolation, the communications traffic is increasing day by day. Looking at the numbers, the main changes are seen in phone calls, with a 44% increase in comparison with 2019.

posted in April 14, 2020