From 30/03/2020 to 03/04/2020


Portuguese Investigator receives a 2.5 Million euros Scholarship to work on bone regeneration

João Mano, a Portuguese investigator working for the Aveiro University, will be investigating bone regeneration in the next 5 years. The scholarship will allow advanced research in the bioengineering of human tissues and biomaterials.

Instituto Superior Técnico will work on bitcoin technology

Using the blockchain technology, a digital registration frequently used in bitcoin transactions, the Portuguese investigators will work for 5 years in the development of the technology, to be used in the health sector, transportation and more.

British citizens raise 360 thousand euros to fight COVID-19 in Algarve

A group of 300 British citizens with residency in Faro started a fund-raising campaign that will revert to the biomedical department of the Algarve’s University. The objective is to conduct research on the COVID-19 pandemic and to produce essential materials for the hospitals.

posted in April 7, 2020