João Caiado Guerreiro will be a speaker at the I Digital Covid-19 Congress

Caiado Guerreiro’s Managing Partner, João Caiado Guerreiro, will be a speaker at the I Digital Covid-19 Congress: The Legal & Social Effects of the Pandemic, an event promoted by the Brazilian Bar Association to which Caiado Guerreiro was invited by the Bar’s president, Felipe Santa Cruz.

This is an online event that will be held from Brazil, exclusively for professionals in the Law field, lasting for 5 days and organized by the National School of Law, organism of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association. Right now, there are already over 100.000 registrations for the event.

João Caiado Guerreiro will participate in the panel “Post-Covid Advocay – Opportunities and necessary adaptations in a new era”, where he will address the new challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought as well as the opportunities that invariably arose with this change.

Being a member of the Brazilian Bar Association, João Caiado Guerreiro has played a key role as Managing Partner of Caiado Guerrerio’s law firm, one of the largest law firms in Portugal, having to adapt to a complex period caused by the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic that came to affect the reality of Portuguese companies.

posted in July 27, 2020