Franco Caiado Guerreiro provides advice to the “Nelson Mandela’s Childrens Fund”

Franco Caiado Guerreiro, one of the most respected Portuguese law firms, joins the fund raising in favor of Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, an institution created by Nelson Mandela that aims to create a pediatric hospital that will be used to provide medical services to children of the entire African continent.

The fundraiser will be promoted by the South African Embassy, together with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and Franco Caiado Guerreiro, and will have a dinner on the 18th of July at the Pestana Palace Hotel, on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary celebration by Nelson Mandela. Social responsibility is part of Franco Caiado Guerreiro’s culture, in fact, its Franco lawyers believe that the daily professional challenges they are subjected to do not exhaust the time for carrying out social actions for the good of the community as is the case.

posted in July 13, 2011