Caiado Guerreiro participates in CBBL publication

The German Desk of Caiado Guerreiro was invited to participate in the compilation of the 19-country German-language compilation called “Immobilienfinanzierung und Kreditsicherheiten in ausgewählten europäischen Ländern” (German real estate financing and guarantees in several European countries).

This compilation was published by the CBBL and Fritz Knapp Verlag, a renowned German publisher, responsible for the publication of works of similar theme and is mainly directed to German banks and investors, being alert for possible risks and aspects typical of each of the jurisdictions.

It was referenced and advertising at the Expo Real 2016 in Munich, one of the largest international Real Estate investment fairs, attended by 39.101 participants from 77 countries.

The compilation is being published as an E-Book.

posted in December 15, 2016