Caiado Guerreiro organizes seminar on Tax Regime for foreigners in Mozambique

The conference aims to make known the regime of entry and stay of foreign citizens in Mozambique.

On February 22, Franco Caiado Guerreiro will hold a seminar with the Institute for International Research Portugal on the Legal and Tax Regime for Foreigners in Mozambique 2011. The conference will be held at Novotel in Lisbon and the speakers will be Ricardo Rodrigues Lopes, Andreia Bento Simões and Tânia Albuquerque de Almeida, partner and lawyers of the firm, respectively.

The event aims to raise awareness of the regime for the entry and stay of foreign citizens in Mozambique and the procedures for hiring them, the Social Security legal regime, the tax regime and foreign investment.

posted in February 7, 2012