Ricardo Costa Macedo and Catarina Farinha write about Business Secrets

Ricardo Costa Macedo, a partner at Caiado Guerreiro, and the jurist Catarina Luís Farinha co-wrote the chapter dedicated to Portugal in the Annual Review 2018: Trade Secrets by the English magazine Financier Worldwide.

This edition covers the important issue of business secrets and legal mechanisms that can be used to protect companies and their assets from the vulnerability to which virtual globalization exposes them.

For the last years, Caiado Guerreiro’s partner has been collaborating with the magazine in several editions related to the area of Intellectual Property, that way being the Portuguese representative for this area.

Among the other contributors to this issue, we can find lawyers from law firms such as Hogan Lovells, Bird & Bird and Clifford Chance, amid many others.

Financier Worldwide is recognized as a source of valuable knowledge for the corporate world and is a multijurisdictional magazine that produces several publications specialized in different areas of practice, presenting the thoughts and opinions of leading professionals in the field on the trends and developments of today’s market.

posted in mars 7, 2018