How to act if SEF has illegally refuse your entry in Portugal

26 Feb

(Lisbon time)

The advances and retreats of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, with respective oscillations in the number of cases in Portugal and in the world, have forced governments to adopt measures of containment, sometimes stronger and sometimes milder. Such measures often included restrictions on travel and on entering and exiting Portugal and the Schengen area.

At the same time, the border control services themselves, overwhelmed by constant legislative changes, often get lost and apply arbitrary measures of refusal of entry, without any legal support, leading to damages to individuals.

When this happens, are citizens unprotected or, on the other hand, do they have mechanisms at their disposal that allow them to be compensated for the damage suffered?

Join lawyers Sara Ferreira de Oliveira and Gonçalo Rodrigues Gomes in our webinar to find out more.