Why obtain the Portuguese Nationality?

The pleasant climate and the many hours of sunlight, the gastronomy with its own identity, the multiculturalism of the urban cities, the amazing coastline, the fact that Portugal has been recognized as one of the safest countries in the world and has a reputable public health system, allows several people to affirm that Portugal is a paradise in Europe!

To live in this sunny country and to obtain the Portuguese Nationality, it is required to have a Residence Authorization for at least 5 years. This way, a foreign citizen can legally live in Portugal.

There are two types of Residence Authorization: the Temporary and the Permanent one.

The Temporary Residence Permit is granted for two years and it is renewed for equal periods of time, as long as the requirements of the first permit remain fulfilled.

On the other hand, the Permanent Residence Permit is granted after 5 years of legal residence in Portugal. For this purpose it is necessary to speak basic portuguese.

It is important to mention that after 5 years of residence in Portugal, it is also possible to apply for the Portuguese Nationality, instead of going for the permanent residence permit.

The main advantages of the Portuguese Nationality are the possibility of living in any country of the European Union, with no need for a visa, being also able to travel to third countries (outside the European Union) without a visa and having access to the incredible educational opportunities. It is then possible for the close family members to obtain the Portuguese Nationality as well.  Economically, it is also viable to have the opportunity to carry out transactions with a strong, stable and universal currency: Euro.

Although both permanent residence and Portuguese Nationality can be applied for after 5 years of legal residence in Portugal, it is important to know that there are differences between them. The main one is that the Permanent Residence Permit guarantees the right to live indefinitely only in Portugal.

On the other hand, the Portuguese Nationality allows you to have way more benefits as it gives you the same rights as any other European citizen, for example: the right to visit, study, work and live in any of the countries of the European Union.

In sum, Portuguese Nationality is a shortcut to the world of possibilities that is the European Union, while benefiting of our beautiful country.

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