What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

Articles 21/10/2022

Many changes have occurred with the pandemic of COVID-19, and one of them was the change in the workplace, as many companies had to implement full-time remote working. Therefore, the digital nomad lifestyle is already a reality that is on the rise.

Portugal is one of the European countries where you can have a Visa created, especially for remote foreign workers. You can, therefore, work remotely for a certain period in our country, during which you can leave and enter Portugal whenever necessary.

Is it possible to work for your company abroad but at the same time live legally in Portugal? Yes, temporarily or with a residence permit? Both are an option.

How can I do it? With a Digital Nomad Visa.

Why Digital Nomad Visa?

The Portuguese Government recently changed the law and created this Visa, which allows citizens from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area to live and work abroad from Portugal.

The digital nomad visa allows for a more extended stay, which can be temporary or a residence permit.

For a temporary stay of one year – note that a tourist visa is for 90 days – you can travel multiple times to Portugal without limitations on entry or exit.

Why Portugal?

The Digital Nomad Visa may be applied for from 30 October 2022. Published in the Republic Diary on September 30th, 2022, the Regulatory Decree nº4/2022 requires foreign citizens to prove that their monthly income over the last three months is equivalent to four times the national minimum wage, 2820 euros per month. In addition, they must present proof of fiscal residence, a work contract or some document from the employer that proves the employment relationship.

Why is the Portuguese Government betting on this? Portugal was elected in 2020 as the best place in the world to live during the pandemic. The sun, the beach, the natural beauty, the excellent weather conditions, the access to the European Union, the lower cost of living and a good internet connection are some examples of the many advantages that our country has to offer.

Portugal has been cited in several media as attractive for remote workers. For example, according to the “Nomad List” platform, Portugal has five cities in the top 20 of the best in the world for working remotely: Lisbon is in 1st place, Madeira in 5th place, Porto in 11th place, Portimão in 15th place and Lagos in 16th place.

In addition to coworking spaces, the real estate market in Portugal is prepared for digital nomadic workers. It provides coliving spaces, with private rooms and everyday work and leisure spaces, which can rent for short periods.

The remote worker may choose from rooms that exist within private residences intended for university students, hotels that already have programmes aimed at these professionals or villas created especially to integrate them with the local community, thus allowing cultural exchange, villas that we can find in Lisbon, Ericeira or the Azores, for example.

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