Trademark and IP toolkit for the football industry

The International Trademark Association (INTA) recently released its World Football Summit Trademark and IP Toolkit, which outlines strategies for all to be protected and benefit from their intellectual property rights.
Articles 23/12/2022

The football industry no longer lives exclusively from ticket sales. The opportunities to generate revenue have increasingly transcended the boundaries of the pitch, leading football to explore different sources of income.

In this context, protecting intellectual property rights may translate into an essential source of revenue. As far as football is concerned, fans are particularly loyal to their clubs and brands, which enjoy a reputation and prestige hardly seen in other industries.

Therefore, the protection of these assets is essential for all actors in the football industry. It is in this context that INTA decided to release the Trademark and IP Toolkit, seeking to help clubs and their brands to protect their intellectual property rights, including:

1 – Names, logos, coats of arms and mascots;

2 – Rights related to stadiums, such as the rights related to their name and the brands on display around the pitch

3 – Image rights of the athletes, their names, appearance and voice;

4 – Match broadcasting rights.

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