Newsletter Life Siences Nº2/2020

Newsletters 01/10/2020

The Regulatory Decree No. 2/2020 of August 4th was published, which establishes the authorization system for the cultivation and industrial exploitation of varieties of hemp.

The cultivation of hemp has sparked interest at a national and an international level, particularly for medicinal, cosmetics and industrial purposes. However, there were doubts about the procedure and competent entity for granting the authorization for cultivation.

In this sense, the mentioned Regulatory Decree No. 2/2020 establishes that the authorization should be sought before the Directorate General of Food and Veterinary, and the control functions are carried out by the Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries Financing, I. P, together with the Judiciary Police, the National Republican Guard and the Public Security Police.

The legal diploma also clarifies that the need to obtain authorization for hemp production is due to the fact that the varieties of Cannabis sativa for industrial use are not distinguishable from varieties with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contents higher than 0.2%, and there may occur increases in THC contents above those defined by the common organization of markets for industrial hemp.

The Regulatory Decree in question thus responds to the uncertainty, highlighting the economic and agricultural potential of this plant species.