Caiado Guerreiro Newsletter | November 2023 Edition

In this issue, you can review the press highlights for October, the Globalaw 2023 annual meeting, which took place in Lisbon with Caiado Guerreiro as host, the articles produced by our team, as well as the latest videos and articles from our "Truth and Consequence", "Right to a Goal" and "Family by Right" sections.
Newsletters 10/11/2023

In the 11th edition of 2023, you can find all the details about the Global 2023 Annual Meeting, which took place between 25 and 28 October in Lisbon, with Caiado Guerreiro as host.

Read or re-read the fortnightly feature “Family by Law”, where Stéfanie Luz, Lawyer and Team leader of the Family and Succession Department, answers the questions:

  • What is a prenuptial agreement, and what is it for?
  • What are the possible matrimonial property regimes?
  • Am I obliged to accept an inheritance?

The press highlights are available in this edition, including the fortnightly “Direito ao Golo” feature by João Caiado Guerreiro in the A BOLA newspaper, Tiago Caiado Guerreiro comments on the 2024 State Budget, Sandra Ferreira Dias opinion piece in the ECO newspaper, transactions/advisory work carried out, and articles produced by the Caiado Guerreiro team.