Coral in Portugal and Brazil assisted by Caiado Guerreiro

The Spanish company specialising in the installation and management of Parish Columbariums has recently opened its activity in Portugal, in Lisbon, Porto and Cascais. In Brazil, the investment was made in the city of São Paulo.
News 11/01/2023

This investment by Coral creates jobs in all cities where it has opened its business, with the perspective of increasing the number of new employees in the following years.

Ana Castro Gonçalves, partner and lawyer at Caiado Guerreiro, Duarte Moreno Murtinha, associate, and Beatriz Ribeiro, advised the company on all legal issues inherent to the process. The firm’s team also led the procedure to open the “Coral Brazil” activity in São Paulo.

Coral develops its work in 26 cities in Spain and has a well-defined objective for Portugal: “We are leaders in the management of columbariums in Spain. The option of cremation is increasingly sought after and is replacing conventional burials. The incineration rate continues to grow, and for this reason, we now want to offer our services in Portugal as well, thus meeting the demands and needs of its population,” explains Ruben Tamarit, Managing Director.

“The finalisation of this operation, an important business in a very specialised area, shows how the focus on our clients, in a very close relationship, added to the high-quality work of our team, guarantees excellent results”, explains João Caiado Guerreiro, managing partner of Caiado Guerreiro.

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