Carlos Peixoto reinforces the Caiado Guerreiro team

News 11/05/2022

At the beginning of May Carlos Peixoto reinforced the Caiado Guerreiro team. A collaboration that maintained investment in specialized know-how and aimed at the strategic needs of Caiado Guerreiro national and international clients.

The former deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, and former president of the political committee of the district of PSD/Guarda, is recognized for his experience and work developed in several areas of law – with a focus on civil and criminal litigation – reflecting this collaboration the strengthening of Caiado Guerreiro growth strategy, also at the territorial level, recognizing the importance of the country interior.

For João Caiado Guerreiro, the firm managing partner, “Carlos Peixoto knowledge and experience will consolidate our already recognised multidisciplinary capacity, reinforcing areas related to litigation and criminal law, white-collar crime, because we want to accompany our clients in their day-to-day challenges and make a difference in their lives and businesses, also in more difficult moments”.

Carlos Peixoto has developed his work in the district of Guarda – with offices in Seia and Gouveia – and considers this a “well-thought collaboration, with well-defined goals, conciliating technical knowledge, experience and efficiency in response to clients, which are our main focus”.

For the lawyer, “Caiado Guerreiro is a consolidated company, with high skills, and where the work developed is carried out with competence.”

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