Caiado Guerreiro helps the Casa de Santo António association

News 17/12/2021

As usual at Christmas time, Caiado Guerreiro developed a solidarity action to support a Private Social Solidarity Institution.

In 2021, we decided to support mothers and children from Casa de Santo António, whose mission is to support the cause of unprotected maternity

Throughout December, we collected in our office several goods donated by our employees to offer to the association, and these were delivered this week.

Besides its main purpose of supporting mothers, the association also has the Casa das Crianças, which has a day-care center and kindergarten, and also the Casa dos Sabores, a professional kitchen and pastry shop whose profits support the institution.

On its website, the Casa de Santo António explains how those interested can help, from donations, to volunteering and direct support to the Casa das Crianças or the Casa dos Sabores.

More information on the link:

We thank all our collaborators and wish a Merry Christmas to all Casa de Santo António!

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