Caiado Guerreiro advised on the sale of Labdiagnóstica to Workcell

With this transaction, Hornova, which held a 50% stake in Laboratórios de Patologia Clínica Labdiagnóstica, no longer has any stake in the company's capital, ending a 50-year partnership.
News 20/10/2023

Caiado Guerreiro advised selling Labdiagnóstica to Workcell, a Germano de Sousa Group company. Hornova held a 50% stake in Laboratórios de Patologia Clínica Labdiagnóstica, and now the Germano de Sousa Group, through two companies, holds the entire share capital of the laboratory.

The transaction was carried out with the support of the Caiado Guerreiro team led by lawyer and partner João Caiado Guerreiro, lawyer João Sismeiro Pereira and trainee lawyers Diogo Miguel Oliveira and Tomás Melo Ribeiro.

With this sale, Hornova has no shareholding in Labdiagnóstica, ending a 50-year partnership. Workcell, which belongs to the Germano de Sousa Group, was advised on this deal by the Vieira de Almeida Law Firm.

Founded in 1998, Labdiagnóstica owned 11 clinical analysis collection laboratories.

“This was a complex operation that required various skills, as we are talking about the sale of half the shareholding of an important clinical pathology laboratory,” explains João Caiado Guerreiro.

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