About us

With a solid national and international presence, we are recognized for our competence, proximity and commitment.

All are important to Caiado Guerreiro, the clients, and those who together form a team of which we are proud. We believe in our values and independence, and in these, we do not give up.
Our heritage is our work, and never giving up is our culture. Therefore, the innovative approach we have corresponds to the knowledge we possess, understanding the specificity of each client.


Our daily work is focused on quality and respect for our clients, always considering our lawyers, collaborators and competitors.


We pride ourselves on creating a close and trusting relationship with our clients. The bond that unites us is the foundation of our joint success.


We are prepared to offer our clients innovation in different approaches, solving their problems and making their projects a reality.


Our people are the pride and joy of Caiado Guerreiro. Together we connect people, share knowledge and learn.


We are authentic and dedicated to our clients, ethical in our work and committed to our collaborators. As a result, we create lasting relationships of trust focused on meeting the expectations of all those around us.


Our journey is made side-by-side with all those who trust us, providing dynamic and innovative solutions with proximity and ethics, always creating results with added value.