Residency Visas in Portugal for Retired, Entrepreneurs and Highly Qualified Professionals



Created for people looking to enjoy their retirement, the D7 quickly became one of the most sought after Visas during the COVID19 Pandemic. Due to the increasingly popularity of Portugal in the last years, the Portuguese Government expanded the scope of this Visa to people who live from passive income and to remote workers.

If, in the other hand, you are an entrepreneur, the D2 Visa is the right one for you. With a fast process for establish a company and all the tax benefits provided, it is easy and affordable to establish a business here.

Finally, for those who work in an highly qualified subordinated activity, the Blue Card is the residency permit that allows the holder to live and work in an highly qualified subordinated activity in Portugal. 

Join us for our webinar on these special residency visas, learn more about them and take a pick at which one is the right one for you. Portugal is waiting!