Real Estate and Urban Planning

Real Estate, whether residential or commercial, is governed by a set of rules governing the sale, purchase and management of land and buildings.

Alongside the main agents of the real estate sector, Caiado Guerreiro advises and assists a wide range of real estate operations, having the necessary resources and knowledge to support its clients in their businesses, both nationally and internationally.

Recognized for its capacity to integrate complex transactions, we handle the whole life cycle of real estate property, from acquisition, development, and leasing to financing, being present in all the necessary stages to close the deal.

Our scope, geographical reach and approach enable us to support any real estate project, from the execution and transfer operations of any real estate assets to the structuring and negotiation of the most varied real estate operations, with guaranteed income, sale and lease back, forward purchase, real estate due diligence, structuring of groups of real estate companies, real estate investment funds and operations involving institutional investors.

We are also involved in all construction industry sectors, enabling us to network the management of ideas and resources across sectors. We are also active in areas at the cutting edge of technology – renewable energy and carbon reduction technologies – constantly developing new concepts and contracting structures to meet our client’s needs.

Caiado Guerreiro’s Urban Planning Law team is prepared to monitor issues related to Urban Planning and Land Use Planning, either in the public or private sector, defending the interests of its clients in legal proceedings related to territorial management and the appeal of the rejection of urbanistic claims, embargoes or expropriations.

We provide advice and consultancy services, on a multidisciplinary basis, on procedures for the approval of urban planning operations, namely allotment, urbanisation, and construction, in the administrative activity of planning and urban rehabilitation and in the preparation of the normative content of plans, in the tax planning of projects, in the pre-litigation and litigation stages.


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