Corporate, Labour and Insurance

Having been present in advising the main M&A operations concluded in the last decades in Portugal, Caiado Guerreiro has acquired a solid experience in the areas related to Corporate, Labour Law and Insurance Law.

The operations conducted by companies or organizations are regulated by a set of rules that structure the rights and responsibilities of the people involved, establishing a better decision-making process in corporate matters along with a high level of technical knowledge and mastery of the current legislation as well as of new Codes of Conduct, relevant for corporate governance and responsibility in its exercise.

In Commercial and Corporate Law, we advise and support companies dealing with strategic corporate practice issues, such as the regulation of shareholders’ agreements, expansion, restructuring and viability, the relationship between corporate bodies, shareholders and other stakeholders and the assessment of pre-litigation legal and corporate situations.

We study and disseminate good practices to be followed by Private Limited Companies (corporate governance) and Public Limited Companies (public governance). The aim is to develop appropriate solutions for large companies, considering their singularities.

The relationship between employers and employees is regulated by Labour Law, which manages the rights and duties of both parties.

Our employment law team is versed in a full range of services. In-depth knowledge of employers’ needs enables us to advise from a business-oriented legal and human resources perspective.

We have acquired decades of consolidated experience in corporate restructuring, workplace transfers, discrimination lawsuits, social security or unfair dismissal, redundancy payments and all kinds of issues related to collective recruitment or dismissal proceedings.

Our team provides daily advice to many companies, including multinationals. Caiado Guerreiro’s Labour Law department is also dedicated to legal advice and labour litigation of individual workers, combining the experience of several departments to provide a global approach.

João Caiado Guerreiro, the firm’s managing partner, is one of the current columnists of the newspaper A BOLA, the most important Portuguese sports newspaper, where he writes about Labour Law and Sports Law.

Caiado Guerreiro, as a result of its focus on capitalisation, enhancement and increase of existing experience, provides legal advice of excellence in matters of insurance activity, from the design, preparation and negotiation of insurance and reinsurance products to guidance within the scope of the mediation activity and support in the management of claims, and in insurance litigation and regulatory matters. We, therefore, ensure that companies operating in this sector comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

We advise various clients – insurers, intermediaries, pension funds, the incorporation and transfer of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, portfolio transfers, the establishment of partnerships between domestic and foreign groups, distribution agreements and the structuring of public tenders for insurance contracts.

At the same time, our extensive experience in regulatory and supervisory matters (behavioural and prudential) has also been one of the main areas of legal support for a significant part of the leading players in this area.


  • Labour Law
  • Corporate governance
  • Insurance Law