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Pharmaceutical Antitrust 2017 - Getting The Deal Through

30.05.2017 | in Getting The Deal Through

Joana Gomes dos Santos wrote an article for the magazine "Getting The Deal Through".

Decree-law 97/2015 of 1 July 2015 created the National System for Health Technologies Assessment, which establishes rules concerning matters such as pricing and reimbursement. Such rules are complemented by the Ministerial Orders (Portaria) 195-A/2015, 195-B/2015, 195-C/2015 and 195-D/2015, all of 30 June 2015. There also separate orders that regulate the reimbursement of medicines for specific diseases (such as Order 330/2016 for MS) and medical devices (such as Order 35/2016 for test strips).

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